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If you want to learn a martial art that is practiced with swords, Kenjutsu 剣術 is for you.

Kenjutsu training sharpens physical presence and determination, mental concentration, and a sense of mindfulness.

We practice Kenjutsu, in the style of Kashima Shinryu 鹿島神流, an ancient traditional Japanese martial art that has been around for about five centuries.

Sword techniques are taught mainly through the repetition and intensive acquisition of katas.

Katas are fixed sequences of attack and defence, similar to a choreography. They consist of different techniques of attack, protection and defence.

Each kata develops a specific point in learning kenjutsu, such as.

• the right distance to the partner
• an upright body posture
• a stable stance
• a good judgement of the situation and the partner’s movement

In addition, we train the way of determination and strengthen our self-confidence. We learn without being afraid.

The katas require great concentration and precision, as each technique is realised with absolute control of the sword. Even with very slowly executed katas, there must be concentration, intensity and energy.

We learn to remain calm and alert without aggression and in this way cultivate a quiet strength!

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Video Kenjutsu 剣術 / Kashima Shinryu 鹿島神流

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